At Bemidji Chrysler Center, we know full well the stresses that can accompany the car buying process. If you’re setting out to purchase a new car like the 2019 Jeep® Cherokee, and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, relax, we’ve all been there. With so much information on the internet, you can learn a lot about what you’re looking for and the best way to get it. However, common car buying myths can also give you bad information that makes the process worse.

As your Bemidji, MN Chrysler dealer, we’re here to help by discussing some common myths and what you should actually do.

One myth we commonly hear is that you should buy a car on a rainy day, or when the dealership is about to close, or at the end of the month. This car buying myth is a popular one employing some psychology to help you get a great deal. The reasoning is that if the weather is bad, the sales staff is about to go home, or if they’re trying to meet a sales quota, you’ll get a better deal. The problem with this myth is that the deals we can offer you are set by factors outside of the weather and when you visit. We’re more than happy to stay late to help you with your car search.

Another myth is that you should hide the fact that you’re trading in your car or that you plan to lease until you’ve finalized the price of your new vehicle. Both of these myths suggest that if you’re honest about your intentions, the dealership will drive up prices. We won’t, and we know what you’re up to anyway. Instead, we as your Bemidji, MN dealer recommend that you do your homework before coming in by researching leasing deals and valuing your trade-in.

Finally, it’s not 1960, so cash won’t save you money if you buy your car from a third-party, and it won’t get you a better deal at a dealership. Furthermore, while we love offering deals on new models, don’t feel pressured to buy right now just because we have a sale going on, there will always be another one.

So, take the stress out of car shopping with us and visit us at 755 Paul Bunyan Drive NW today!