In the Grand Rapids, MN region, we know all about winter. Up in the north woods of Minnesota, we take pride in conquering the challenges that winter throws at us year after year, and we believe it makes us tougher. Here at Bemidji Chrysler Center, we know that winter is already in full swing, and residents in our area have hopefully prepared themselves for the long, dark, and cold season ahead. One step that people sometimes forget is winterizing their cars, which is vital if you want your car to last through the winter. 

The extreme winter weather that we get around Grand Rapids, MN takes a toll on cars, even if you own a tough RAM 1500 Crew Cab. One of the most vital components of the car that is affected by freezing temperatures is the battery. When the mercury drops below zero, the battery can have a difficult time turning over, especially if it doesn’t have enough charge. The last thing you want on a freezing morning is to be stuck in your driveway with a car that doesn’t start, so we’d recommend that one our highly-qualified mechanics at our Chrysler service center perform a battery test.

With the amount of snow that we get up here in the north woods, all-season tires likely aren’t going to cut it. We also recommend getting snow tires put on at our RAM tire center. Snow tires provide a number of advantages, including improved traction and handling on snow and ice-covered roads.

No matter what kind of winterizing work you need done on your car, the battle-tested experts at the service center at Bemidji Chrysler Center are ready to get it done. Give our expert technicians a call at (888) 691-1846 or stop by our Bemidji car dealership soon!