Here at Bemidji Chrysler Center, we have many 2019 models available now in our inventory, whether you’re seeking an upgraded family car or a new truck. When you visit our Chrysler dealership, we’ll get you all set up for a test drive. Here’s what you should do to prepare before getting behind the wheel of a new RAM 1500 or a 2019 Dodge Journey.

1. Do Your Research

Before visiting our Chrysler dealers in the Bagley area, make sure you have some idea of what you want. Figure out the body style that you like and which would be the most functional for your needs. Is a truck bed nonnegotiable for your business? Do you need three rows of seats for your growing family? Is fuel economy your number one concern? Also, figure out your precise budget so you won’t be tempted to test drive a car that’s beyond what you can afford.

Once you’ve answered questions like these, you’re ready to start browsing through our new Jeep® car inventory.

2. Special Features

After you’ve discovered the body style you want, it’s time to figure out which special features or add-ons you want in your new vehicle. These could include new visibility features like blind-spot monitoring or a backup camera, or entertainment features like a touchscreen or wireless phone connectivity.

3. Time to Test Drive

Once you’re behind the wheel, test out the special interior features before you leave the lot. Find any exterior cameras and test how they work. Once you’re driving, pay close attention to how the car feels on the road and how sensitive the brakes are. You should probably go on both highways and busy streets to see how it handles in different driving situations.

These steps will set you up for success when you visit our Chrysler dealers near Park Rapids and Bagley, MN. Visit us today to take a new Chrysler 300 or a Jeep Cherokee for a test drive.