Jeep® drivers tend to put their models to the test both on and off the road, which means routine service is even more important than with other vehicles. To ensure optimal power, handling, and fuel economy, scheduling regular maintenance at our Mopar® Jeep service center is essential. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Jeep service at Bemidji Chrysler.

What Service Tasks Does My Jeep Need?

The most essential service your Jeep needs is its routine oil change. Fresh oil enables the engine to run efficiently and cleanly, boosting both power and fuel economy. Tire rotations are another key service task; switching the tires’ positions prevents uneven wear that leads to roadside emergencies. Other necessary tasks include fluid checks, battery tests, and brake inspections.

When Does My Jeep Need Service?

As the most important service, you should schedule an oil change twice a year or every 7,500 miles —whichever comes first. This service will also include fluid checks and top-offs, as well as filter changes. Tire rotations should also take place every six months to ensure you don’t need to replace your tires prematurely. Your brakes and battery should be examined annually or anytime you suspect damage.

Is Skipping Service a Bad Idea?

While it might be tempting to let it ride, you should never skip these essential Jeep service tasks.

If you’re driving a new Jeep, your battery and brakes should stay in great shape for a while, but skipping oil changes will almost always cause issues. Old oil gunks up an engine, which limits its power and causes it to eat fuel at a rate only seen at your local buffet. If you don’t rotate your tires, they’re going to wear out a lot faster and put you at risk of a flat or blow-out.

Schedule Jeep Service in Bemidji, MN

If your car is due for maintenance but you can’t visit the service center at Bemidji Chrysler, we can come to you. Schedule an appointment at out Jeep service center before it’s too late!