Your vehicle’s oil lubricates moving parts of the engine, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. Dirty oil can lower your car’s fuel economy and damage the engine, so here’s a list of signs that it’s time to schedule your next Chrysler oil change.

Engine Noise

It’s important to pay attention to any unusual sounds coming from your vehicle because this can be a sign that your engine oil is overdue for a replacement.

When engine oil begins to deteriorate, you may start to notice knocking or grinding noises as the oil’s lubrication properties decrease. If you hear ticking noises when you first turn on your car, this could indicate that your car’s oil is dirty and is causing a delayed engine start.

Oil Color and Consistency

Clean oil is an amber color, and it will collect particles and debris over time and begin to darken. This doesn’t happen immediately, but it’s essential to get in the habit of checking the oil regularly. If it looks thick, grainy, and dark, it’s time to get an oil change.  

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is illuminated, this could indicate low oil levels or dirty oil, both of which will affect your engine performance. It is crucial that you bring your car to a service center as soon as possible because delaying an oil change could cause more engine damage and cost you more down the road.

Schedule your Oil Change at Bemidji Chrysler Center Today

Schedule an oil change at Bemidji Chrysler Center today if you notice any of these signs in your Chrysler vehicle. If you have questions about when to change your car’s oil, feel free to call us. For those with a busy schedule, we offer an expedited oil and filter change in our Mopar® Express Lane.