Getting a flat tire is a big headache, especially if you have no idea how to change it. So that you can easily get over to Bemidji Chrysler Center near Bagley and Fosston for a new tire, follow these simple steps to change your tire in a pinch.

Step 1: Find a safe place

Wherever you get a flat tire, it’s important to move to a safe area, away from the threat of oncoming traffic if possible. Then, locate your vehicle’s spare tire, jack, and tire iron, which are usually somewhere within the car.

Step 2: Loosen the lug nuts

Once you have your tools, start to loosen the flat tire’s lug nuts. But, don’t loosen them all the way just yet.

Step 3: Use the jack to raise the wheel

Next, insert your jack under the tire and raise it up until the wheel is no longer touching the ground. Then, you’re ready to completely loosen the lug nuts and remove the tire from the car.

Step 4: Install the spare

Now, align the spare tire to the studs on the wheel. This can be tricky and may take some extra time. Then, screw the lug nuts on without tightening them completely.

Step 5: Lower the jack and tighten

You’re then ready to lower the jack and remove it from under the tire. Finally, you can tighten up the lug nuts. You’re now ready to bring your Jeep® Cherokee or new RAM 1500 into our dealership to get a tire replacement.

When making your way over to our Jeep dealers, remember to drive slowly and carefully. If you have questions about changing a tire or getting a new one, visit our service center at Bemidji Chrysler Center today, serving Park Rapids and International Falls, MN.