FCA US LLC is an automaker that values constant innovation and keeping ahead of the times. Now more than ever before, plug-in hybrid vehicles are making a splash on the automobile market, but one place where they haven’t made much of an impact is in minivans. Well, Chrysler is about to change that with a new hybrid version of its flagship minivan, the Chrysler Town & Country. For years now, the Town & Country has been a leader in pioneering new technologies for the minivan, and this latest news is just another example of how the Town & Country has managed to remain one of the most lauded minivans of all time. 

With this new Chrysler Town & Country, Bemidji residents will be able to do errands around town while riding on a single electric charge. If you’re unfamiliar with plug-in hybrid vehicles, they allow drivers to charge them either in their garages or at public charging stations. An article in “The Car Connection” estimates that the new Town & Country will be able to achieve over 20 miles of driving on just one charge. If you’d rather go farther than that, you can always utilize the fuel-saving hybrid operation that allows you to travel as far as you’d like, but with much higher fuel efficiency than your average gasoline-powered minivan.

It’s a wonder that the 2016 Chrysler Town & Country will be the first minivan with third-row seating to offer a plug-in hybrid engine, but Bemidji families will be thrilled to have a minivan option that both saves money at the pump while also reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Look for the van to hit Bemidji Chrysler Center later this year!