We don’t want you to ever find yourself unprepared if you’re faced with a flat. Our Chrysler service technicians at Bemidji Chrysler Center are providing a helpful guide to changing a flat tire.

Get Prepared

Start by getting your vehicle in a secure location and parked on a flat surface, if you can. If you are changing a front flat, place wheel wedges behind your rear tires. If your flat is in the back, put the wedges in front of your front tires. Then, gather your spare tire, lug wrench, and jack. Make sure they are all easily within reach.   

Carefully Prep Your Vehicle

Place your jack under the frame near your flat tire. Then, slowly raise your vehicle about six inches off the ground. Always make sure that no part of your body is under your vehicle when your vehicle is raised. Next, you’ll want to remove your lug nuts and place them nearby where you can easily locate them. Finally, remove your flat tire.

Replace Your Tire

Once your tire has been carefully removed, it’s time to put your spare on.

  • Attach your spare tire and loosely attach your lug nuts.
  • Lower your vehicle until it is barely resting on the ground and tighten the lug nuts completely.
  • Then, lower your vehicle completely and give your lug nuts a final tighten.
  • Finally, remove the jack and pack up your supplies, including your flat tire.

Schedule a Service Appointment

You shouldn’t utilize a spare tire for more than 50 miles (and never over 50 mph). It’s important to schedule a service appointment right away to get the replacement tire you need. Reach out to our Chrysler dealership in Bemidji, MN, and our technicians can help you determine the best tire for your vehicle. Reach out today!