For residents of Bemidji, MN the winter months can get brutal and really take a toll on your Chrysler Pacifica. There are several important steps you’ll want to take to ensure that your car is ready for winter driving. So, bring your vehicle into the experts at Bemidji Chrysler. Our Chrysler parts department has everything your car will need to survive the winter months, and we run a variety of parts special year-round to help you save money on new parts. Our dealership also serves the nearby communities of Bagley and Fosston, MN.

Here are four steps you need to take to winterize your Chrysler vehicle:

  1. Replace Wipers and Wiper Fluid: This is a critical step when it comes to driving in snowy conditions. Without properly functioning wipers, you won’t get very far or be able to see while driving.
  2. Tire Pressure: Having properly inflated tires is another important part of preparing for winter driving. Otherwise, you could find yourself with a flat tire or unable to navigate snow- and ice-covered roadways safely.
  3. Oil Change: Changing your car’s oil should already be part of your car maintenance schedule. However, it’s especially necessary during the winter months. Fresh, clean oil helps keep your engine functioning properly in frigid temperatures.
  4. Snow Tires: Snow tires are worth the investment if you plan on doing a lot of commuting during the winter. Snow tires will help your car better grip icy roadways and drive through several feet of snow.

If you recently bought a new Chrysler Pacifica, you should be preparing your vehicle for the upcoming winter in Bemidji, MN. At Bemidji Chrysler, our parts team can help you figure out exactly what your car needs to be winter-ready.