Keeping up with routine service for your vehicle, like regular oil changes, is important for a variety of reasons. So, if you find yourself looking for Bemidji dealerships to handle your service needs, come into Bemidji Chrysler. Our Bemidji, MN location has an onsite service center with a talented and knowledgeable team of certified mechanics. Thinking about skipping that next oil change? Think again. This comes with some serious consequences:

  • Warranty Issues: The majority of new and used vehicles come with some type of vehicle warranty. This warranty will help offset and cover the cost of any major repair works that needs to be done during the first few years of vehicle ownership. However, if you aren’t keeping up with vehicle maintenance, your warranty can be voided, leaving you to pick up the tab for costly repairs.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Not getting your oil changed regularly can also end up costing you big at the pump. Driving around with dirty or old oil forces the inner workings of your car’s engine to work harder than normal. In turn, more fuel is used up to keep your vehicle functioning properly.
  • Poor Engine Health: One of the most critical side effects of having driven around with dirty, old oil is poor engine health. Without clean oil, the parts of your engines aren’t lubricated properly and will rub against each other. Over time, this leads to unnecessary wear and tear. This can lead to both expensive repair bills and reduced engine life.

When your new RAM 1500 needs an oil change, bring it into our Bemidji Chrysler service center. To view our current service specials and schedule your next service appointment, visit our website. We also serve the nearby towns of Fosston and Bagley, MN.