Here in Bemidji, MN, we’re huge fans of summer. Summer is a fantastic season because for us here at Bemidji Chrysler Center it means that we get to embark on some great summer road trips. Whether you’re driving up to the cabin or making a long trip, we’ve found that having the right accessories can enhance any road trip.

We’re sharing some of our favorite road trip accessories so that you can get the most out of any adventure. Luckily, most modern vehicles offer a lot that makes a long drive more enjoyable. If you have a vehicle like the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, you’ll know that there are great features already included like dual touchscreen displays, USB ports, and a built-in vacuum cleaner. However, other accessories like a charging dock or power inverter can come in handy, giving you more outlets for all your gadgets. One of our favorite accessories to have is a smartphone mount for your dashboard. A smartphone mount keeps your phone close by and in view while allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Depending on where you’re traveling to and what you’ll be doing, you may want to invest in all-weather floormats to prevent any dirt, mud, and water from ruining the floor of your car. If you’re traveling with sporting equipment like bikes, roof racks are a great way to save interior space, as are cargo boxes for storing extra items on top of your car.

When it comes to comfort, we find it’s a good idea to bring along a pillow, if you’re not behind the wheel, sunglasses, snacks, and plenty of water. Other accessories that are good to have include extra non-perishable food, spare water, emergency kits, and a physical map. We also love to bring a portable stove and kettle for those times we decide to camp out.

As your Bemidji, MN Chrysler dealer, we also offer genuine Mopar parts and accessories made for your exact make and model. Be sure to check out our accessories for all your road trip needs and stop by for any service you may need before your trip.