Advanced connectivity and innovation are some of the major highlights of our new vehicles at Bemidji Chrysler Center. One of their biggest perks is the Uconnect® system. We’re reviewing how this system works, its premium features, and how to connect to Uconnect®.

What Does the Uconnect® System Do?

The Uconnect® systems in our new vehicles for sale provide all the information you need conveniently at your fingertips. It can seamlessly connect to your smartphone to make phone calls without ever even touching your phone. If equipped with SiriusXM® satellite radio®, you have access to your favorite songs, sports, the news, and more.

Does Uconnect® Have Navigation?

Yes! Your Uconnect® system also includes built-in navigation. The system helps you know exactly where you are and how to get where you’re going. It provides voice prompts to keep you on your route while keeping your eyes safely on the road.

If your car utilizes SiriusXM®, you’ll also see updated traffic reports, road closures, and even weather details. Your entertainment’s volume also conveniently adjusts when directions are announced to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

How Do I Pair it With My Phone?

Pairing your phone with the Uconnect® system is easy. As long as your smartphone is Bluetooth® enabled, you can have convenient hands-free access to your phone.

  • Check your phone’s settings to ensure Bluetooth® is turned on.
  • On your Uconnect® touchscreen, select phone, settings, paired phones, and add device.
  • Find your Uconnect® system on your phone’s Bluetooth® devices.
  • Your phone may prompt you for a PIN. Enter the PIN on your vehicle’s touchscreen.

Still have questions? Contact our Chrysler dealership in Bemidji, MN for more information. Whether you need help setting up your system or are interested in getting a new vehicle with these innovative features, we’ve got you covered!