At Bemidji Chrysler Center, our team of professionals is ready to help you with the entire car-buying process, from test driving to financing to scheduling service appointments. When you start looking for a car upgrade, remember that getting a car loan is something to prepare for. Whether you’re seeking a new Chrysler car or a Jeep® SUV, here’s what you need to know about applying for a car loan.

Credit history check

As with any type of loan, a car loan requires a credit score check. This means you should probably check your score before coming into the dealership so that you won’t be surprised by your number. However, remember that our Chrysler dealers are happy to work with you no matter your credit history, so visit us today to start discussing options.

Payment plan

After we’ve run your credit check, it’s time to talk about budget and payment plan. You’ll need to figure out how big of a payment you can make each month for your car, and we’ll come up with a loan period that will work for you as well.


Once you’ve gone through your credit check and you’ve set up a payment plan, it’s time to apply for pre-approval. Our local Jeep dealers can also assist you with this process. In fact, we have a pre-qualified tool online so you can ensure you’re approved before you visit the dealership.

Buying a new car is exciting, but you want to make sure you’re prepared for each and every step of the car loan process. Get in touch with our Dodge dealers in Minnesota today to learn more about the options we offer and our large inventory of new and used Chrysler cars, Jeep SUVs, RAM trucks, and Dodge vehicles.