Our Chrysler dealers at Bemidji Chrysler Center know how important safety is to you and your family. That’s why we have a wide selection of the latest models with all the latest safety technologies, whether airbag upgrades, blind-spot monitoring, or emergency braking. When test driving at our RAM dealership, pay attention to features like exterior cameras to see how much added visibility you’ll have.

Here’s a look at the top three safety features you need to have in your next Dodge car.

  1. Lane-keeping assist

This technology alerts you when you’re veering out of your lane on roads like freeways. We’ve all been distracted behind the wheel at one point or another, so lane-keeping assist keeps you safer while traveling. Family models like the 2019 Chrysler Pacific include this technology, so come start test driving today.

  1. Parking and blind-spot sensors

One of the best new technologies out there in the auto world is the addition of exterior sensors that alert you when you’re too close to an object or vehicle. These sensors are especially helpful when parallel parking or backing out of the driveway. A sporty option that includes these features available at our dealership is the 2019 Jeep® Cherokee Altitude 4×4, which also includes the latest interior amenities, like wireless phone connectivity.

  1. Emergency communication system

Another important safety feature is an emergency communication system, included in some trims of the 2019 RAM 1500. This allows you to alert officials immediately following an accident or incident. Having this feature will help you relax on the road, knowing help is available instantly should something happen.

To test drive cars with these safety features, visit our Chrysler dealership today. We can also talk to you about financing options and you can view our large inventory of new and used models.