Bemidji Chrysler Center is the perfect place to start when you’re looking for your next vehicle. As winter is fading away in Minnesota, you may want to consider a car upgrade that will provide you everything you need to be off-road ready this spring and summer. Here are some features you’ll need in your next off-roading vehicle.

Four-wheel drive

We have many new trucks and SUVs that have four-wheel drive for you to get out into nature with ease. Consider our powerful 2019 Ram 1500 truck, packed with power and towing capacity of over 6,000 lbs and payload of 1,740 lbs.

All-terrain tires

Another great addition you’ll want to consider for your off-roading vehicle is installing all-terrain tires. These special tires give you added protection and traction on roads covered in snow, ice, gravel, stone, soil, or sand. When you take your 2019 Jeep® Cherokee off the pavement, these tires are always a good idea.

Safety features

When taking your SUV or truck off-road, you want to be sure it’s packed with all the latest safety technologies, like the 360-degree camera systems now included in many 2019 models. Consider taking the 2019 Jeep Wrangler out for a test drive today at our Jeep dealers near Bagley, MN.

Whatever needs you have in your next off-roading SUV or truck, we have you covered at our Jeep dealership. Visit us today to talk through your financing options, or you can take a car out for a test drive on some rougher roads to see how it handles. Give us a call at (218) 308-8778 to learn more about our current new car deals, or to ask questions about our RAM service and parts center.